Thursday, May 16, 2013

life after work :)

i feel like i'm on an extended vacation, or playing hooky from work.
like i should be in a studio instead of driving to the river.  the guilt hits and then, i remember that its ok, i retired.  what a wonderful feeling :)
i wandered the neighborhood this week, and had a ball...
gardens are in bloom and i am seeing it all with new eyes, thanks to my macro lens.
i can then spend time playing with textures and software. 
again - no guilt. 
well, except for the dustbunnies in the corners, the cat hair on the rugs,
and the laundry i need to put away. 
even though i retired, and my hours are my own,
i've been working on my etsy shop, my facebook page and life feels really full.
in a good way :)
visit me there if you can, i would love it!
and here is the etsy shop...
thanks for your support!!

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  1. really gorgeous images!! congratulations on retiring...don't waste a second more on feeling guilty, the dust bunnies can wait.

  2. Oh Marie! These are so beautiful! And yes, don't waste anymore time feeling guilty. The world needs the beauty and joy you are providing!

  3. These are nothing short of amazing - brilliant clarity and excellent choices of textures. Only guilt here is guilty pleasure - wonderful!

  4. These are absolutely amazing! I love each and every one of them!

  5. Such romantic images! They are gorgeous! Enjoy being a lady of leisure! x

  6. Stunning!! Looks like you're enjoying your retirement ... such lovely work, Marie! Keep it up, and don't concern yourself too much with those dustbunnies, cat hair, or that laundry, they'll get done in due time ... for now just enjoy the things you love doing the most! First time visiting from Floral Love ... have a wonderful weekend! :)

  7. Oh my... I need to feature you right away on Facebook :)
    Popping over to admire your flowers and to thank you for joining Floral Love!
    It’s a privilege to get to host this meme ♥

    XO Mona

    1. oooh i just saw this - thank you so much!! i am honored :)

  8. thank you everyone, for the very nice comments! that means a lot :) :)

  9. What beautiful work.....thank you for sharing your gift with all of us

    1. thanks so much for visiting my blog julie :)
      and for your kind words too!
      hope all is good with you!

  10. What beautiful work.....thank you for sharing your gift with all of us

  11. Excellents images, nice macro and pretty textures