Sunday, May 5, 2013

simple little things...

this week was about the little things and
all the beauty that is spring...

pulling this post together made me think of this picture
from last spring...
it was one of the first pics
where i applied what i was learning in Kim Klassen's class 'beyond layers'. 
it seemed like a little thing at the time
but it was ultimately a very big thing in my life.
as i started her class, the first assignment was to create a class goal based on six words. mine was 'learning how to measure me myself '
the post can be found here:
i've always thought of myself as an artist,
and others saw me as a photographer.
with post-processing techniques,
i became - in my own mind -
a photographic artist. 
and THAT my friends, is a big deal.
for the first time in my 58 yrs,
the way i see myself comes before how others see me.
and omg.  i see me as a photographic artist.
W O W.
it feels good, it feels like progress and it feels like what i see myself as matters, to me.
thank you, kim klassen. 
from the bottom of my heart :)


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