Tuesday, August 20, 2013


the seed head of a painted daisy in late day sun...
the petals are gone, but the beauty remains...

my gerber daisy sprouted another bloom :)
she's not quite ready to show her face...
my begonia drops it petals in a messy pile on the floor,
and I went to clean them up and toss them out.
as I scooped them up, I realized that,
like the painted daisy in the first image above,
a flower past its prime is still beautiful.
these petals looked like fairies or butterflies
and had the same mystical magic...
all of the images were enhanced with combinations of snapseed,
actions from pioneer woman,
and the gerber daisy has textures from kim klassen.


  1. These are all such gorgeous images.

  2. These are beautiful! The last three are so delicate and i love the shadows in the last one.

  3. The perfect marriage of your image with texture to achieve such beautiful works of art. Wow!

  4. Love these, so glad you stopped to take photos of the fallen leaves.

  5. So lovely, wonderful captures !
    Nice day,

  6. All just wonderful. My favorite is the first photo.